Siyakhula specialises in hands-on management of forestry and agricultural projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

BEE and Community Social Involvement

As part of Siyakhula Forestry Contractors commitment to uplift and improve the communities from which labour is drawn, the following is some of the assistance given to the local communities.

Employment Policy

The Siyakhula policy put into practice when Arbor-Care (Pty) Ltd worked on the Ben Cairnie & Mpur Estates (1996-1998) is to work closely with the local tribal Chief and headmen. All conditions of employment are discussed with them first and then they assist us in recruiting of all employees. Disciplinary actions also involve consultation with the offender and his/her local headmen. These local headmen in conjunction with the local chief have assisted with employing labour from their respective areas to work for Siyakhula for the duration of the contract.

Siyakhula’s Internal Strategy on HIV/Aids

South Africa has a high prevalence of HIV and Aids and this will have a significant impact on the business sector, among others. Businesses are facing a major challenge in dealing with this issue. Siyakhula Forestry Contractors (Pty) Ltd acknowledges that HIV and Aids are significant risks which have the potential to impact on the business from a number of different perspectives, and believes that with an appropriate, proactive strategy the associated costs and impact can be managed and reduced. Siyakhula Forestry Contractors (Pty) Ltd will endeavour to create a supportive environment within which employees who are HIV positive are able to divulge their HIV status and receive the necessary support. The area of major focus internally is:

VCT (Voluntary counselling and testing)

To manage existing infections through VCT, and early diagnosis and managed health care, which includes antiretroviral treatment, and to reduce and prevent new infections through effective education programmes. This is done together with the local department of health. We as Siyakhula Forestry Contractors (Pty) Ltd strongly believe that VCT is one of the key initiatives as this unlocks the door to treatment. Siyakhula Forestry Contractors (Pty) Ltd continues to focus on VCT through its awareness, counselling and testing campaign. All results are completely confidential. We have come to an agreement with the department of health to come and provide antiretroviral therapy at our hostel in the afternoons rather than the employees being spending their hard earned money for transport. The major focus to date has also been to prevent new infections through an extensive education awareness programmes done quarterly.

Siyakhula’s CSI (Community Social Involvement) – 2015

  1. Siyakhula Forestry Contractors (Pty) Ltd donates the bags of oranges/naartjies to the following schools in Vryheid area. Each bag worth approximately R25 each.
    • Elangeni school – 50 bags
    • Sibonokuhle Orphanage Care Centre – 50 bags
    • Phungelihle Primary School – 50 bags
    • Nqabeni High School – 50 bags
    • Squlwaneni Primary School – 50 bags
    • Sivulindlela Primary School – 50 bags
  2. Donates Cooldrinks towards Youth Day at Bhukubhu under Impumelelo CT.
  3. Cleans the Sivulindlela Primary school for Youth day functions.
  4. Donated R1000 for grocery for Chief BM Zulu’s funeral held at Khambi Sports Field.