Siyakhula specialises in hands-on management of forestry and agricultural projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Company Profile

Almost 3 Decades Of Experience

The Arbor-care group of companies has a proven track record dating back almost three decades. There are four primary companies in the Group, namely Arbor-care (Pty) Ltd, Idube Landscaping (Pty) Ltd, Thuthugani Contractors (Pty) Ltd, and Siyakhula Contractors (Pty) Ltd, which together provide solutions to multiple forestry, agriculture, landscaping and plantation protection needs.

Thuthugani Forestry Contractors

Thuthugani has a history dating back to 1999 and offers extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise of silviculture and fire protection services specific to the SA forestry sector. We are experts in specialist matters such as afforestation, rehabilitation of land, conservation re-establishment projects and fire protection services.


Arbor-care has been involved in forestry since 1988 and has a portfolio of satisfied clients across sub-Saharan Africa. We manage forestry and agricultural projects from start to finish with hands-on attention to every detail. Our team is multi-skilled and committed to delivering. We have genuine insights into the sector-specific challenges that are faced when taking on greenfield and brownfield projects, often in remote locations where there is no infrastructure and no existing operating systems. We put a management team in place wherever it may be, to get the job done on time, on budget, to set standards. We do exactly what our name suggests – we take care of your arbor projects. Trust us with your investment.

Idube Landscaping

Idube is an award-winning company that provides a comprehensive range of eco-friendly landscaping services, focusing on specialist projects such as water-wise gardens, with clients in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. Idube brings to corporate and residential estates an essential insight into ‘greener’ garden and landscaping options.